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Spring Kallah and My NFTY-So Journey

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Camps & NFTY, Jacobs Blog, Uncategorized

Back in 2018, as a wide-eyed kid in 6th grade, I dipped my toes into the world of NFTY at a cool event called JYG. But when I hit the right age for NFTY events, something called COVID showed up, turning everything virtual. Finally, in March of 2022, we returned to in-person events, and boy, was I pumped! I had a blast at my first NFTY event and ran for Programming Vice President later that year and again in 2023.

But what made this Kallah so incredible? Picture this: 123 teens from all over the Deep South converging for the best weekend ever. The vibes were amazing when the first NFTY teens rolled in at 4:15 Friday afternoon. I was at the check-in table, also known as the DJ booth, spinning tunes like never before.

Seeing friends reunite after so long was just the start. We dove into activities like crafting song lyrics (my group was about traffic cones and the YMCA) and even planning a mock Vegas wedding. Saturday was a whirlwind of adventure, from intense games of Capture the Flag to heartfelt moments during Havdalah, where we honored a lost friend by writing letters to loved ones.

A tinge of sadness lingered as Sunday rolled around, knowing we’d soon part ways. But you know what? Nobody dwelled on it. Instead, we chatted excitedly about future meet-ups, filled with hope and anticipation for what’s to come.

NFTY isn’t just a community; it’s a family. And as I gear up for college, I know NFTY Southern will keep doing amazing things. So mark your calendars for April 14th – it’s election day! Because in NFTY, the adventure never ends.

I’ve come a long way since that first JYG event. Back then, I was just a tall kid trying to find my place. But NFTY changed all that. It’s given me confidence, leadership skills, and a second family. I never imagined running for board positions, let alone serving two terms as Programming Vice President. Yet here I am, proof that NFTY can turn kids into leaders.

My journey with NFTY is about more than just the events and the titles. It’s about the friendships forged, the memories made, and our impact on each other’s lives. I’ve laughed until my sides hurt, cried joyfully, and felt more loved and accepted than ever.

As I look ahead to college and beyond, I know that NFTY will always be a part of me. It’s shaped who I am today and given me a purpose that I’ll carry wherever I go. So here’s to the next chapter of my journey – whatever it may hold – and to the incredible community that will always have my back.

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Mimi R.

Mimi Reagler is the Programming Vice President of NFTY Southern. Mimi lives in Hot Springs, AR, loves to try out new hobbies such as carpet making, and she will be graduating high school in May!


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