2022 Dates & Fees

Before registering, please check out our  Frequently Asked Questions and our Credit Card policies

SESSION/PROGRAM  Current Grade Opening Day Closing Day Tuition Rate
Kochavim 2021 1,2 Spring 2022 Spring 2022 $100
Kochavim 2022 K,1 Coming Soon Coming Soon $150
Olim A 1, 2 Sun, June 12 Wed, June 22 $2,495
Olim A+ 1, 2 Sun, June 12 Sun, June 26 $2,995
Garin I 3, 4 Sun, June 12 Wed, July 6 $5,195
Maskilim I 5, 6 Sun, June 12 Wed, July 6 $5,295
Talmidim I 7, 8 Sun, June 12 Wed, July 6 $5,400
Olim B 1, 2 Sun,  July 10 Sun, July 24 $2,995
Garin II 3, 4 Sun,  July 10 Wed, Aug 3 $5,195
Maskilim II 5, 6 Sun,  July 10 Wed, Aug 3 $5,295
Talmidim II 7, 8 Sun,  July 10 Wed, Aug 3 $5,400
Chalutzim 9 Sun, June 26 Wed, Aug 3 $7,100
Solelim - Session 1 11 Sun, June 12 Wed, July 6 $1,600
Solelim - Full Summer 11 Sun, June 12 Wed, Aug 3 $3,200


Jacobs in Israel Four-week trip to Israel Current Grade 10
URJ Teen Leadership Discover unique leadership opportunities across the country All Grades

Terms of Enrollment -2022 Update Coming Soon


Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required for application processing.

Payment Schedule: After your application is accepted, 25% of tuition payment is due by January 14th, 2021. By March 15th, an additional 50% of tuition payment is due (75% of tuition paid.) It is expected that all fees owed by the family be paid by April 14th. You are welcome to pay all or part of your camp fee prior to that date; if making regular, periodic payments would better suit your household, feel free to login and make a payment at any time. There are no fees or penalties for making multiple payments. If you will be seeking scholarship assistance, please be sure to apply early enough so that the award amount can be determined prior to April 14th.

Payment Options: Payments may be made by E-check, Paper Check, Debit Card (all without surcharge) and Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover).

Multi-Child Discount: If you have more than one child from your immediate family enrolled, we will apply a $125 discount for the second child, third child, fourth, fifth...

Cancellation: If you cancel before March 15th, 2021 the fee is $250. Cancellation between March 15th and April 29th will result in 75% of tuition refunded. Cancellation after April 29th will forfeit all fees. Camp reserves the right to refund any eligible refund in multiple installments as determined by Camp.

Inclusions: The registration fee includes: All camp activities (except for additional charges as noted below); one camp t-shirt; canteen; camp & cabin pictures; and free limited access to online services.

Exclusions: Parents/Guardians are responsible for transportation to and from Camp.

Additional Charges:

Non-URJ Surcharge: Families who are not members of a URJ Congregation will be assessed a surcharge: Olim surcharge is $150; Garin, Maskilim, Talmidim & Chalutzim surcharge is $300. For non-URJ families with multiple campers, the maximum surcharge amount is $500.

Application Policies: As the final step of the registration process, families will need to indicate their agreement with our Jacobs Camp Application Policies. Please review these policies before you begin the registration process.