Summer 2023 Dates and Rates

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Summer 2023 Dates

Check out our 2023 program dates and tuition rates below. Registration will open in October, so please be on the lookout for registration information!

ProgramCurrent GradeOpening DayClosing DayTuition Rate
Kochavim Spring1, 2Sat, March 18Sat, March 19$150
Kochavim SummerKSat, June 24Sun, June 25$150
Olim A1, 2Sun, June 11Sun, June 18$1,500
Olim A+1, 2Sun, June 11Sun, June 25$2,995
Garin Session 13, 4Sun, June 11Wed, July 5$5,400
Maskilim Session 15, 6Sun, June 11Wed, July 5$5,540
Talmidim Session 17, 8Sun, June 11Wed, July 5$5,650
Olim B1, 2Sun, July 9Sun, July 23$2,995
Garin Session 23, 4Sun, July 9Wed, Aug 2$5,400
Maskilim Session 25, 6Sun, July 9Wed, Aug 2$5,540
Talmidim Session 27, 8Sun, July 9Wed, Aug 2$5,650
Chalutzim9Sun, June 25Wed, Aug 2$7,450
Solelim- 4 Weeks11Sun, June 11Wed, July 5$1,700
Solelim- 6 Weeks11Sun, June 11Sun, July 23$2,500
Teen Programs Eligibility
Jacobs in Israel Four-week trip to IsraelCurrent Grade 10
URJ Teen LeadershipDiscover unique leadership opportunities across the countryAll Grades