Summer 2024 Dates and Rates

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Summer 2024 Dates

ProgramCurrent GradeOpening DayClosing DayTuition Rate
Olim A1, 2Sun, June 9Sun, June 16$1,700
Olim A+1, 2Sun, June 9Sun, June 23$3,095
Garin Session 13, 4Sun, June 9Wed, July 3$5,600
Maskilim Session 15, 6Sun, June 9Wed, July 3$5,750
Talmidim Session 17, 8Sun, June 9Wed, July 3$5,850
Olim B1, 2Sun, July 7Sun, July 21$3,095
Garin Session 23, 4Sun, July 7Wed, July 31$5,600
Maskilim Session 25, 6Sun, July 7Wed, July 31$5,750
Talmidim Session 27, 8Sun, July 7Wed, July 31$5,850
Chalutzim9Sun, June 23Wed, July 31$7,650
Solelim- 4 Weeks11Sun, June 9Wed, July 3$2,000
Solelim- 6 Weeks11Sun, June 9Sun, July 21Coming soon
Solelim- 8 Weeks11Sun, June 9Wed, July 31Coming soon
Teen ProgramsEligibility
Yallah Israel Four-week trip to IsraelCurrent Grade 10
URJ Teen LeadershipDiscover unique leadership opportunities across the countryAll Grades